How to write equation in Microsoft office word 2007

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I have an assignment in Microsoft word, and I do not know how to write equation 2007. I need the information quickly about how to write equations. I have tried to figure it out by myself but could not do so.

Please someone help me over come this predicament quickly.

Christian Briggs

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How to write equation in Microsoft office word 2007


Hey Christian!

It is a little bit difficult to write formula in MS Excel but don't worry i will tell you some basic formulas.

As you know that the columns of Excel sheet are denoted withe A B C D……Z and the rows of Excel sheet are denoted as 1 2 3 4……..and so on.

Now first of all click on the cell where you want to enter formula. Remember, in Excel formulas are followed by = sign.

On the selected cell write down formula as =E1+B2.

The formula written above means the formula will add the values which are in the First Row of E Column and the Second Row of B Column.

Similarly if you want to subtract write =E3-A1.

For multiplication, Use =C5*F3. And for division use =A5/E1.

I am also here adding a tutorial for you



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How to write equation in Microsoft office word 2007


Hi Christian,

To write an equation in word is not overly difficult so try the following steps:

1. With the file open, click on the insert tab.

2. Once the tab is clicked, you will see the insert ribbon, from here select equation and then select insert new equation. (See image below)


3. From here, the equation tool ribbon will appear.  This is where you select the kind of equation you would like to write (e.g. professional, linear or normal text). (See image below)

4. Professional format is used when converting the selected equation to a 2-dimensional format; linear converts it to a 1-dimensional format (makes editing easier) and Normal text enables the use of regular text within the mathematical equation.

5. Based on the functions that you wish to write (fraction, script etc), you would make your selection from the structure ribbon.

6. Symbols – the symbols section provides the various symbols used when writing equations.  This ranges from Basic Math to Geometry. (See image below)

Example: – Fraction

To write a fraction, make the selection from the fraction function.  Once done, a fraction box appears…

When you equation box appears, you select the part of the fraction (numerator/denominator) that you wish to work with and edit it accordingly. You can change the single field to a scripted filed to add powered numbers or you can even add brackets.

From here any function that you wish to add (remove) can be dealt with based on your preferences and needs.

From here you should be able to write equations for a variety of functions.

Good Luck.


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