How would I go about running two window managers at once?

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Hi techyv,

I am wondering if it's possible to running two window managers simultaneously, as in different sessions?

How would I start them? 

Assuming you can run two window managers at the same time, are there any serious problems with memory sharing?

Thanks a lot in advance for this everyone.


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How would I go about running two window managers at once?


Dear Tony, hope you are well. You are easily able to run multiple windows manager simultaneously.

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you this technique on Ubuntu. But other Linux distributions should also work like this.

1.       Run the following command for installing “xnest” and “xterm”

sudo apt-get install xnest xterm

2.       Then run the following command:

Xnest :1 –ac &

“:1” specifies virtual display number. The more number, the more windows manager.

3.       Export the display and start xterm:

Export DISPLAY=:1

xterm &

4.       Type this command to start a windows manager. For example, if you wish to start “icewm”,



sudo startlxde

That’s all.

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