How to work Skype on Samsung star WiFi?

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Hi guys!

How to work Skype on Samsung Star WiFi? I’ve downloaded the app but I don’t know how to connect it or make it work. Any comments and solution will be nice.

Thanks and Good day!

Hannaha Meeks

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How to work Skype on Samsung star WiFi?


Hi Hannaha,

 According to this guide, it seems pretty tricky to make WIFI working in Samsung Star. Despite that, you need to follow these steps very carefully:

On your wireless router side:

  1. Set wireless mode to B-G Mixed
  2. Standard Channel = 8
  3. Encryption – TKIP

 Now onto phone's side:

  1. Delete the configured wireless connection if you already have one.
  2. Enable WIFI, but do not perform any search at the moment.
  3. Open the browser, select Settings -> Browser profiles and press "Search for WiFi".
  4. Select the connection that you want to connect to and type the details that match the settings on the router. (Look for this on WIFI router)


Auth type = WPA
Encryption = TKIP
Network key = router pre-shared key
Protocol = HTTP
Home URL = address of modem (you can change it later if everything is already working)
Leave proxy blank
Linger = default
Adhoc = off

      5.  Save the settings, but do not connect yet.

Now exit the browser, go to WIFI and select the connection that you have just configured. Activate the selected connection and try browsing the internet. This step-by-step instructions should make your WIFI working in Samsung Star. If it's not working, please reread these instructions again.

I hope I helped you.

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