How will I update my anti-virus?

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How will I update my Antivirus?

My computer is suddenly showing some updating of my Antivirus and it shows if will not update immediately, my computer is going get harmful virus that may damage my computer. My Antivirus is NOD 32. It shows that my computer is at risk of harmful virus and even told me to update it. But the problem is I don't know how to update it and even there is a updating process on the Antivirus software. It always tells me to buy the latest version.

What can I do to update my Antivirus?

How will I get a latest update to it?

Please help.

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How will I update my anti-virus?


Hi Annalyn,

If your Antivirus NOD32 is asking to buy it, there's really no work around for that. You really have to buy it or stop using it. You can try the other Antivirus software out there like AVG. However since it's free there's rarely any support for it and for sure there's a big difference when it comes to the services available for you.

Even if the update process is available you still won't be able to update it because your license to use, has probably expired. That is most likely the case if you only installed the 30-Day free trial.

However if you have previously purchased this program or already paid for it, but you have not activated it,
check this out. It's crucial that you activate the program otherwise it is as good as you didn't buy it at all.
However, if you are going to install another Antivirus software, make sure to remove or uninstall your other Antivirus program NOD32. Since most often than not, Antivirus programs do not work well with one another. You might encounter some issues such as conflict between the two Antivirus programs. So uninstall one first before putting another.

To remove NOD32, you can either go to All Programs, look for the NOD32 from the list, and then most probably there's an option there to uninstall the software or you can go to the control panel choose the programs and features or programs and then uninstall the software by clicking on it or by just following the prompts.

Aside from AVG there are other free Antivirus software such as AVG AntiVirus free edition 2011, Avast free Antivirus, Ad-Aware free internet security, Avira Antivirus personal – Free Antivirus, Panda Cloud Antivirus free edition.

If you wish to continue using NOD32 you can buy the license from their website.
You have the option to purchase the 4-in-1 package solution which contains Antivirus, Anti-spam, Firewall, and Antispyware that can save you around $30.

However, if you opt to stick with just the Antivirus, you may purchase the stand alone Antivirus program. But before you do so, since I think that you are very much used to NOD32, they have this chart on their website which compares their Antivirus solution to any other Antivirus software out there. You can see the chart here. The chart basically says, the NOD32 is the best choice in terms of virus detection.

If you have problems with viruses, it's crucial to avoid opening emails from sources that you do not know or those that have been marked as spam by email service provider unless you are certain that they are from a trusted source. Be careful of opening attachments. Also try to limit browsing websites to those that are trusted or opening links of non-reputable website. There are programs or Antivirus or security software

That provides built-in programs or extension programs that can automatically check the links when you do a search in a search engine. So it's also nice to have one that does that, so you can avoid websites that are marked as a potential source of malware.


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How will I update my anti-virus?


Hi Annalyn,

As your antivirus is NOD 32, it's not a subscription free anti-virus. So if  you are told to buy the latest version of it, then there is no other way except to buy this. You can buy it through online & also can update this software from internet regularly.

The another good way for you is – to use free anti-virus software like AVG. It's totally free of cost. So no need to spend money for it. You can download & update this software regularly from internet.

You can also use the popular anti-virus software like McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky etc. They will give you free subscription sometimes for a particular period of  time like 3-6 months. After then the subscription will end & you must have to buy it. Thanks.

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How will I update my anti-virus?


In that state, I’m not sure if you can still update your antivirus. It seems you installed the free trial of the antivirus. If whenever you try to update your antivirus and it tells you to buy the latest version, it means the trial period of your antivirus has been exhausted. Most of the time, free trials on antivirus programs last for 30 days.

This means when you install the antivirus, you can use it for 30 days free of charge. After the 30-day period, the antivirus program will stop working and then you will start seeing notifications from your antivirus on the system tray asking you to update the program but when you try to do so, it will prompt you to buy the program.

This is normal for trial versions. If this is the current state of your antivirus program then there’s no way to fix it but to uninstall it from your computer unless you buy it, of course. Just replace it with another free antivirus. Download the free version of Revo Uninstaller and install it. Once installed, start Revo Uninstaller then select your antivirus among the applications and click “Uninstall”.

Follow the normal uninstall process. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click to restart later. When uninstall is complete, click “Scan” to scan your computer for any leftover files and delete everything it finds. This removes everything the program created on your computer. When it is finished, close Revo Uninstaller then restart the computer. After booting, download the free version of CCleaner and install it.

Once installed, start CCleaner and clean your system. When it is finished, close CCleaner and download Avast Free Antivirus. The latest version at the moment supports Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. If you want to convert CCleaner to Pro, download the codes and follow the instructions.

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