How we can make a paint project with java?

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I want to make a paint project with Java. please help me to learn more about it

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How we can make a paint project with java?


Hello Leslie Joshuaa,

Yes you can develop a paint project with java. Find the attachment ("paint.txt") and then download it in to your local storage. Then save it as "" or use your desired file name with "java" extension. Then go to the command prompt (just Press Window+R > type "cmd" and hit Enter key). Change the directory in to the directory where the "" exists. (use CD command in DOS – Ex:- CD D:JAVA). Use following commands to compile your program.

D:JAVA>javac (to compile the program code. This command coverts program code in to byte code and creates a new file as "paint.class" in the same directory.) Then,

D:JAVA>java paint (This will runs your program)

Note: All these DOS commands will execute if you have set environment variables properly. (You are able to do this using Advance tab of the system properties dialog box.)

Enjoy with your Paint Program.

Best regards!

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