How to watch movie at GLP?

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Anybody who use an iPad to log into GLP? If it is, maybe you have identified a remedy regarding having lack of flash on the iPad in order to watch videos.

In that case, can anyone discuss just what program should I download to fix this problem? 

I need help on this matter. Thank you! 

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How to watch movie at GLP?


I don't use GLP however I own an iPad 2 and I have a solution that I use to play flash videos.

Here is the first solution I have used. There is no need to modify your device or anything stupid like that. You just need a little software to run them and a few steps to follow.

  1. First download the YxPlayer
  2. Mac / PC with Installed Firefox with "Video DownloadHelper" add-on
  3. What needs to happen is, you go to any website with streaming videos / TV / movies and grab a link provided by "Video DownloadHelper". Then just paste it in your YxPlayer on your iPad and enjoy the video.

If this method is successful not then done this method.

There is a company named RipCode that has announced a new clientless Flash video CODEC that allows you to play videos on the iPad. The code allows the video to play at a number of resolutions ranging from QVGA to 1080p. Use this to stream the flash videos.

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