How to watch live tv on an apple iPhone

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Hi all,

I have an apple iPhone 4 and I don't know how to watch live TV.

Is it possible to watch TV live in an iPhone? Can you help me know, how to watch TV? I saw my neighbour watching TV in her iPhone, but I'm afraid to ask her how ?

Please  help me watch TV on my phone.

Thank you.

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How to watch live tv on an apple iPhone


Hi, the tips on how to watch live TV on Apple iPhone.

The seamless connectivity offered by WiFi technology and Internet, combined with the facility of inter-convertibility among various video formats, has actually made it possible to transmit live TV on mobile phones and other portable devices. There are several ways in which you can catch live TV action on your Apple iPhone and you will find them listed below.

Buy Channel Specific Apps:

The easiest ways of watching live action, in an Apple iPhone is by buying and installing channel apps. These apps provide you with live broadcast of TV channels by streaming content over the Internet. example application is Sky Mobile TV, which lets you catch live action from all of the Sky sports channels for monthly subscription.

The application, lets you watch shows from CNET TV, CBS and other channels of the network, absolutely free on your iPhone. You can find such iPhone apps to watch shows from major TV networks. All you have to do is purchase them using your iTunes account, install and begin receiving all television broadcasts through your WiFi or 3G Internet connection.

Use SlingPlayer Mobile

Another option to watch all kinds of TV action on your iPhone is 'SlingPlayer Mobile'. If you already have a Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox PRO or Slingbox PRO HD, you can use this application to watch live TV on any of the channels you have subscribed to, on your home cable or satellite TV connection. This device streams all the TV content from your home cable connection, on the Internet and the associated application streams it on your iPhone. This way you can watch all the live TV action on your iPhone, from anywhere around the globe. If you already have Slingbox, this application should be your natural choice.

Install Hauppauge Broadway

Another way of catching live TV broadcast on your iPhone is through the installation of Hauppauge Broadway. This device can broadcast live television to any mobile device via Internet. Using a built in H.264 HD video encoder, it converts TV signal content from any source to a video format which can be viewed on all Apple devices.

The converted videos are transmitted over the Internet and can be viewed from practically anywhere, using the 3G or WiFi connection of the Apple iPhone (by visiting the web address ' It works with Android phones, Macs and other personal computers. It is the most complete 'Unplugged TV' solution.

Now you know how to watch live TV broadcast on your phone.  Go ahead and follow any of the tips above that I mentioned and watch your favorite shows.  The Hauppauge gadget and Slingbox Mobile are the two best options, because it lets you watch your home subscribed TV channels on your Apple iPhone, anywhere and anytime, through a WiFi connection.


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How to watch live tv on an apple iPhone



FilmOn is an amazing web service. Through this service you can watch TV, with excellent high quality live streaming from some of the major networks of the world like, CNN International, ABC, Fox, NBC and many more.

The best part about this web TV streaming service is its high quality video output web service. Apart from watching live TV on Apple iPad, different version of iPhones, different iPod Touch versions, FilmOn lets you watch online TV on your computers too. Since, FilmOn is a web service rather than a stand alone application of iPhone; people can start using it anytime, anywhere you want without any concerns, what so ever about ads and other stuff.

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