How to use unix web twain scanning hardware devices?

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Hi. I want to scanning images through webpage and using unix web twain scanning devices like scanner or digital cameras. I am building a web application and using twain interface to support scanning documents from twain hardware through webpage but it is not working for me. Actually an error occurs while scanning images and retrieving data as loading start. Any solution please.

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How to use unix web twain scanning hardware devices?


First you need to check if you are using the right browser to upload you images.

TWAIN can support the following browsers:

  1. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera  for Plug-in Edition and Windows Mac Edition
  2. For Mac  OS X above or 10.5 use Firefox

Check if the TWAIN and the scanner are compatible

If images are not created by TWAIN Web, (means they are not in the format of JPEG, PDF, BMP, TIEF, or PNG). It may not be able to be loaded so you have to convert all your images using the Tool Dynamsoft (Its download link is TWAIN) .

This tool is for Microsoft.NET with image ext. API so Note that using this tool not all images can be converted

Convert you images using your own code and save it as BMP, PDF, bytes, TIEF, …

Then Load them using LoadImage, LoadImageFromBytes

Note that WEB TWAIN cannot support image as JPEG2000

You can use this PDF, It will help if you encounter further problems CHECK GUIDE

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