Using a SATA HDD to an ID cable based motherboard

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I hope all are quite well. I have got a problem with my motherboard. It’s an old p4 motherboard. It doesn’t have any SATA jack except ID HDD cable jack. I have been using a 120 gigabyte Hard Disk for a long time.

It’s a very short space for my recent works. I have a habit of keeping so many songs, videos, software and other important things in by Hard disk. But this short space does not provide me enough space to keep those things.

For this reason I have bought a new 500 gigabyte HDD. But is doesn’t support ID. It’s a SATA hard disk. So, definitely I should fail in connecting it to my motherboard. But I don’t want to replace my old motherboard with a new SATA cable based motherboard. So, my question is- How can I use a SATA HDD to an ID cable based motherboard? Is there any sort of device which will provide me a facility to connect a SATA HDD with an ID cable based motherboard?

Thank you for your time.

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Using a SATA HDD to an ID cable based motherboard


I have personally encountered this problem. And by the look of things, we share the exact same fix too. I understand that you don’t want to give up your pc since not only the costs are high, but you also gained personal attachment to it as did I. There are several things you can do about it without changing into a new motherboard.

Sadly enough, there is no fix that won’t cost you money. There are several options that can make you save your budget though instead of changing your Motherboard with means that you will have to change your ram and video card or even your processor which costs a LOT by the way. So, without further ado, please choose the best option for you in the following list.

Fix #1: The best and simplest fix that you can do is buying a SATA to IDE converter from your local pc shop. It costs around 20-50% depending on the brand. This fix is the best for people who keep a tight budget. 

Fix #2: Buy an external hard drive. True, they might cost around 50$, but it’s worth it. External HD’s are very portable and very easy to use. As I have read, you have a HUGE song compilations so this fix might be your soon to be best bud. Just plug it, and play. You can even install your own operating system there!

Fix #3: True, there are many way to fix your problem, but having an old CPU will cause you more problem in the long run. Don’t misunderstand though, as I am writing this, I am using my trusty old Pentium 4! But! As bad as it may sound, there will be a time that our old PC’s will give out and pass away. There It might cost a lot, but the best choice for us is to buy a new CPU.

Fix #4: Return the item to the shop and ask it to be replaced with an IDE hard drive.

Fix #5: Convert your SATA hard drive into an external hard drive. You just have to buy a hard drive enclosure and your good to go! Here are the steps you should do in order to secure the enclosure into the SATA hard drive. First, check if the enclosure you bought have heat sinks.

Make sure that you screw them into the hard drive facing the same direction. Second step would be to plug the interface into the hard drive. Since you are using SATA hard drive, it would be very easy to plug it in. Last step would be to place the drive into the case. And there you go! Now, you can plug the hard drive into an USB port!

All the best, Joseph.

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Using a SATA HDD to an ID cable based motherboard


Hi Williamcase,

Yes! There is a device that you can use to make your SATA hard disk attach to your PC Its commonly called Enclosure as you can see the image below,

device that you can use to make your SATA hard disk attach to your PC Its commonly called Enclosure

Just insert your SATA hard disk in the enclosure and plug the adaptor in your power outlet and also plug the USB cable into the USB port of your computer, and turn on the enclosure, and you will see some notification in your taskbar that a new device has been detected, just wait until it finish installing your new device before you reformat and use it as your backup files.

Hope this help,



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Using a SATA HDD to an ID cable based motherboard


A SATA hard drive is not a problem with an IDE-based motherboard. You can always use it on any motherboard that doesn’t support SATA but has PCI support. As long as the motherboard supports PCI or has several available PCI slots, you can use or port a SATA drive with the help of a SATA adapter card like this one on eBay: PCI to SATA Controller Adapter Card.

PCI to SATA adapter card
PCI to SATA adapter card

It is a brand new PCI to SATA controller adapter card that supports four SATA ports (4). It costs $9.99. If your motherboard supports PCI Express, you can buy this one instead: M Key M.2 NGFF SSD to Pci-e X4 Slot Adapter. It is a PCI Express to SATA adapter card that you can fit in to one of your PCI Express slots.

It also costs $9.99 and supports four SATA ports (4).

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