How to use RGB color for recovering Paltalk password.

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Hello experts,

I have downloaded Paltalk Messenger and installed it. I am using it for the first time. But now it is not working and I think someone has stolen my password. How can I use RGB color light when Paltalk password was compromised? Please leave your comments.



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How to use RGB color for recovering Paltalk password.



I’ve read your question and I will try to give a solution to it. I think your account may have been accessed by others, that’s why you think there is something wrong with it. Try recovering your password from your machine. Paltalk stores user data account and password in the registry editor. Go to the registry editor and open the Paltalk folder. Open a sub folder [email protected] then you will see the files. One of the files is the default file and the other one is a PWD. Open the PWD file and you can get the information about your account. Use of any of the RGB colors as a security notification for security alerts. Hope this will help you.

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