How to use desktop gadgets with sideshow on Windows 9?

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Hi guys, I want to that can I use desktop gadgets as sideshow on Windows 9 if I can do so then how to do it I'm quite good at Windows7 operating system but new at windows 9 though I don't know how to use desktop gadgets on both windows 7 and windows 9 as sideshow.Please help me by answering this question thanks in advance.

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How to use desktop gadgets with sideshow on Windows 9?

There is no options for the windows 9. Here i will showing that how to use the desktop gadgets for adding, Resizing and moving.
Desktop gadgets are small add that can display or shows the current weather, CPU and disk usage, News and also show the upcoming appointments.
In the windows, All desktop gadgets having a windows sidebar which is the run as a special program. But windows 8 is support without gadgets, Due to some security concerns.
Microsoft has change them with the modern UI/Metro apps.
You can set the desktop gadgets on any place on the screen where ever you like and also can overlap it. You can take all the desktop gadgets using the keyboard shortcut as windows key g.
You can active or use the sidebar by pressing windows key spacebar on keyboard.
Now i will shows that how to adjusting windows sidebar options in windows. You need to change the setting for the sidebar from the start menu by using windows key and get to sidebar in search in search box.
You need to click on windows sidebar properties.
Then you need to select the side of the screen gadgets are shows in right or left option.
 If you have multiple monitors is connected. Displaying the sidebar can select by the monitor. You need to select the monitor number from the sidebar display list.
Then you need to click on ok after changing of all needs.

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