How to use Airtunes on Airport Express in Windows iTunes

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Hi there! I need some help for these confusing errors I encountered while using my PC. The first error was with my Windows based program. I always use AirTunes with my Mac and it plays well. I want to ask how to use Airtunes on Airport Express in Windows iTunes.  I tried using it but I always encounter errors. The prompt message says “Error -15000â”. The second problem is on my computer’s firewall. I made a research and turned off the computer’s Firewall to make it work. It did work. However, after I turned on the computer’s Firewall again, it stopped working. How do I keep the firewall ON? How do I make it work continuously? Is there a way to unblock the settings in my PC’s firewall? Thank you.

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How to use Airtunes on Airport Express in Windows iTunes


Hello Alevin,

The cause of the problem here is pretty clear. It is your firewall that is blocking the airport express application from working properly and therefore you will have to turn it off. It seems your firewall is recognizing the airport express as potential threat to the system although in real sense it may not be and therefore you will have to filter it through the firewall so that even it the firewall is on, the airport express program can still run without being blocked.

When you run the airport express and you see a message like 'the firewall is blocking the execution of this program, do you want to allow its access', then choose to allow access for all the subsequent coming times.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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