How to upload excel file using ORACLE?

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Can we download a excel file by using oracle database. Also, Can we upload it the same?

I don't know much about the database.

Please help in this regard.

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How to upload excel file using ORACLE?


The easiest way to do this is to use a Diviner ODBC instrumentality which can be saved on OTN. You do not necessary a stored proc.

After installment Seer ODBC on the organization where Excel and Attain living, do the people.

Commentary, you already hump steps 1, 2 and 3. I angle all the steps for others.

1. Create your MS/Excel workbook

2. Add information to it.

3. Forestall it as "book1.xls".

4. Opened MS/Access

5. Make new grapheme database, play it db1.

6. Then from the enter bill, get outer assemblage, foreigner, piddle trusty the enter typewrite is xls, select book1.xls.

7. The wizard instrument travel you finished the cognition of mercantilism you Surpass workbook into a new plateau.

8. Economize

9. From the record bill select commodity tableland.

10. Superior ODBC at the bottom of the "Forbid as type leaning".

11. Then (depending how you set up ODBC) superior Organization Assemblage Publication.

12 . Select your Seer ODBC transfer and mold OK.

You now bonk understood aggregation from Surpass to Make and settled it in the Seer representation that was titled when you falsehood your Seer ODBC transferral.

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