How to toad config oracle

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I am confused about how to configure to toad in my new version of oracle. I have downgraded to an older version of oracle and now I cannot load my former toad filer. Hot to toad configure?

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How to toad config oracle


Hi Toni Johnston,

It would have been more helpful if you could have provided the new version of Oracle. Anyway, you can try these steps to configure your toad to work on Oracle:

1. Since you have already installed Oracle instant client, locate and take note of the directory path of the unzipped Oracle files.

2. Add the Oracle directory to the PATH environmental variable.

  • Right-click on MY COMPUTER -> Select ADVANCED TAB
  • Select PATH under SYSTEM VARIABLES -> Click EDIT
  • Input the directory path of the Oracle files into the string
  • Click OK

3. In the same window, click the NEW under "USER VARIABLES FOR…"

4. Call the variable TNS_ADMIN. Input the directory path in the VARIABLE VALUE field. Click OK and close the PROPERTIES window of MY COMPUTER.

5. In your instant client installation directory, create a file named TNSNAMES.ORA. This is file will include and set the connection parameters for the database.





(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ipaddress)(PORT =




(SID = orcl)




5. Restart your computer, launch Toad, and start a new connection. Under the DATABASE FIELD, you should see the DB_SYSTEM OPTION. Set a username and a password, then click CONNECT.

I hope this helps.

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