How To Troubleshoot The 0xc000004288 Error In Windows 10?

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I am stuck at this screen. How to fix the 0xc000004288 error in Windows 10?

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How To Troubleshoot The 0xc000004288 Error In Windows 10?


As the 0xc000004288 error says, the digital signature cannot be verified; we will fix that accordingly.

Method 1

a. Insert a bootable drive (USB/ DVD) of Windows OS.
b. Go here to create one
c. Insert the bootable media (installation media of Windows 10).
d. Boot into Windows from there.
e. Select language, time, and keyboard, and click on Next.
f. Click on Repair your Computer.
g. Click on Troubleshoot.
h. Open Advanced Options.

i. Open Command Prompt.
j. Type bcdboot e:\windows /s c: and press enter.
k. Here e is your bootable drive letter, and c is your computer drive where the Windows OS is installed. Change It accordingly.
l. Restart the device after the process completes.

Method 2

a. Go to the Advanced Options, as shown in the previous method.
b. Open Startup Settings.

c. Press F7 to Disable driver signature enforcement.
d. You should have the same list; if it is different, choose your button accordingly.
e. Restart the device. This should work.

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