How To Solve Connection Reset By Peer Error

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I am using a program for the daily calculation of taxes and record input/output of products and upload the data on the server through FTP so that it’ll be easy for our clients to monitor the work process. But suddenly I get “Connection reset by peer” errors way too often. I can’t configure and change the connection. Please help me to get over this issue. The file is not uploading to the server, and in return, clients are submitting the complaints regarding this. Please help asap.

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How To Solve Connection Reset By Peer Error


Hello, the cause of this error is TCP timeout or lack of disk space when this happens, that means server has closed the connection.

So here are some steps you need to check, help in to get over this issue: –

  1. Try transferring the file using FTP without your Java modified program, using command utility. If the same issue is happening, then the program is not Java-based.
  2. Please do check whether the file size transfer is over sensitive to the network provided.
  3. There is also a possibility of server blocking connections from the client after it has made “N” to the previous connections or maybe after it took a long time, i.e. 20 minutes.
  4. Try to increase the read buffer size.
  5. Ask your client if they can establish a persistent TCP connection using the SSH protocol. If the problem occurs again to check the network connection.

Here are two fixes that do not default present in XP home/pro.


  • Create string KeepAliveTime. Set both the default value and the KeepAliveTime value to 720,000,000 milliseconds or above. Allow TCP to keep idle connections open. This is overkill as it equates 2000 hours. I made this tweak on both systems and left it overnight. It was transferred perfectly over 6 hours.
  • Another fix is to hunt around for FTP clients that send simple, periodic commands through the control port to keep the session alive for the larger file downloads.

I hope while following, it will solve the issue.

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