How To Solve 0x41301 Task Scheduler Error?

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In my task scheduler, I can see a task that shows 0x41301 in brackets. This task is running for a long time. How to put an end to this task?

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How To Solve 0x41301 Task Scheduler Error?


The 0x41301 code means that the task is running as it is stuck in an infinite loop. If you are looking to end this task, you need to add the word “quit” at the end of the file that started this task.

You can also try this –

a. Right-click on the task.
b. GO to properties.

c. Go to Settings.

d. Enable the option “Stop the task if it runs longer than” and add a time duration.

e. Click on OK.

f. The task will stop after the specified duration.

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