How to resolve the TNS-12535 operation timed out error?

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Hello guys, I’m getting a TNS-12535 error whenever I’m trying to connect to Oracle in SQL*Plus, please help me out in fixing this error. How to fix the TNS-12535 operation timeout error?

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How to resolve the TNS-12535 operation timed out error?


Hello, TNS-12535 error occurs whenever the requested operation can not be processed with in the period.

Refer to SQLNET.LOG to find a secondary error if not provided explicitly. If you want to gather additional information, turn on tracing.

Follow these steps to get back the connectivity to Oracle:

  • Check your client-side SQLNET.LOG files for more details.
  • Using tnsping: try to connect directly from your client


  • Run stack pack look at timed out events. If SQL*Net waits, then you need to pitch your network.
  • You have to adjust the timeout threshold. The file entry of SQLNET.ORA file “sql net.recv_timeout” will limit the time specified for the database server to wait for the client data, once the connection created. When the time has been set, then the client must send the data within the specified time.

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