How To Perform File Screening On Windows 2012 R2 File Server Using FSRM?

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Hi there, I have installed File Server Resource Management feature in Windows 2012 R2 file server, but I want to know a few more about the file servers and what things can be done using FSRM?

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How To Perform File Screening On Windows 2012 R2 File Server Using FSRM?


Hi, as you know about FSRM in Windows 2012 R2 file server, which is a tool that allows administrators to manage and control the quality and type of data, which is stored in your server. File screening management allows you to create a file screen to block certain types of files on your server. An example of a file screen is that when you block files like video and audio files, which may be stored on your server. To avoid storage space issue, we can utilize this feature, so that unnecessary files won’t be present on the server. So, let’s see how this works and the procedure to work it out.

  1. After installation of File Server Resource Management onto Windows server 2012, go to Server Manager Dashboard -> Tools(on right top corner) -> FSRM.
  2. In FSRM console, expand the “File Screening Management” tab and then click “File Group”, right-click on “File Group” and click “Create File Group”.
  3. In Create File Group Properties wizard, type a file group name such as ‘My docs’, then in the “Files to include” box, type ” *.docx* and *.doc* ” and then click “Add”. Also, in the “File to exclude box”, type ” *.mp4* and *.mp3* ” and then click “Add”.
  4. Click “ok”. Now verify that created filegroup ‘My docs’ is available in the File Group list.
  5. Now, right-click on “File Screen Template” , add name and filegroup, which you created now. Also, right-click on “File Screen” and add path, error message, and template file name, which you created and verify it as stated in step 4.
  6. To test the file screen feature, log into your client PC, and try to copy any mp4/mp3 files and paste it in the server machine. You will get an error message of access denial. That’s how to file screening works that can block certain file types that you added in it.

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