How to install Symantec endpoint protection for Linux OS.

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Is there Symantec endpoint protection for Linux available? If so how can I install
it? Please guides me through the installation process.

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How to install Symantec endpoint protection for Linux OS.


Yes, The Symantec endpoint protection’s enterprise version now comes with the Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Linux. You can install a managed or unmanaged SEP client directly on a Linux based OS but you can’t deploy it remotely from a SEP manager. Though the installation steps are similar for both managed and unmanaged clients. You can install a managed client by installing the installation package that you created in the SEP manager and also you can convert it into an unmanaged client by importing the client-server communication settings.

If the Linux OS kernel is found to be incompatible with the precompiled Auto-Protect kernel module, the installer will try to compile a compatible one. The auto compile process always launches automatically if need. However, in spite of this sometimes the installer might be unable to compile an AP kernel module. In this case, Auto-Protect module installs but is disabled.

Now let us see how we can install SEP client in Linux:-

  1. Copy the installation package that you created on the Linux computer. The package will be a .zip file.
  2. On the Linux system, open a terminal application window.
  3. Navigate to the installation folder or directory with the command:

cd /directory/

Where represents the folder into which you copied the .zip file.

  1. After that extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder namedtemp with the  command:

unzip “InstallPackage” -d sepfiles

Where install package is the zip file & sep files is the folder into which the installation files are placed by the extraction process.

If the folder doesn’t exist then the extraction process creates it automatically.

  1. Now Navigate or got tosepfiles with the command:

cd sepfiles

  1. To set the file permissions on properly,use the command:

chmod u+x

To install SEP with the built-in script use the command:

sudo ./ -i

If prompted enter your password.

This script starts the installation process of the SEP components.

The default installation directory is as follows :-

Opt>>Symantec>> Symantec antivirus

The default work directory for LiveUpdate is :

Opt >>Symantec>> LiveUpdate>>tmp

Whwn the command promp returns the installation completes. No need of rebooting the system to complete the installation process.

In order to Verify the installation right click on the SEP yellow icon on the system tray and then click on Symantec Endpoint Protection.The client UI will give you all the information regarding the program.

Hope this helps you.

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