How To Configure SMTP Server 2008 On My Computer?

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I want to configure SMTP Server 2008 for Windows on my computer. How can I configure the SMTP server? What are the steps involved in it?

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How To Configure SMTP Server 2008 On My Computer?


SMTP is the short form for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a software service that provides email address information and help to send emails to other users from your computer. SMTP server 2008 is not any new software but a component of Microsoft Server 2008.

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Please follow the steps below to configure the DHCP server.

  1. Open the ‘Add Roles’ wizard.
  2. From the list of roles, select the SMTP server role.
  3. Now click Next
  4. Input the correct email address of your organisation and SMTP server information that your network will be using for connection binding.
  5. Enter domain and DNS information.

Your SMTP server is now configured.

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