How to test health of Computer CPU and Mother Board

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Hello Techyv Friends,

How to test health of Computer CPU and Mother Board. Please do help me by providing a method of doing the same, So that I can find the health of Computer and act accordingly.



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How to test health of Computer CPU and Mother Board


An unhealthy motherboard and Central Processing Unit is capable of initiating a variety of diverse problems on your computer. Possible problems you may come across are listed below.However,it is essential to recall that the matters at hand can also be triggered by other things apart from the defective motherboard and CPU.

  1. Getting a beep code instead of Computer Booting  
  2. Unplanned crashes which causes messages, Exceptions, illegal operations
  3. Rebooting of computer randomly

There are a number of various methods to test your computer's motherboard and CPU to decide if it's damaged or has defects that are affecting your computer. These are the listing of these suggestions:

Hardware and Software solutions

The following is a list of a software programs existing that are intended to test your computer's CPU and motherboard. Though, with the difficulty and wide range of CPUs and motherboards these systems may not identify every possible failure.

  • Hot CPU Tester – This is a wonderful device, easy to run and use when looking for failures in your computer. Besides testing, the system includes a feature called burn-in for computers with a new motherboard or new computers.

To add on top, there are other incredible perfect products. The listings are below:

  • PC-doctor – A great but a very expensive way out frequently used by technicians to make a diagnosis of computer hardware problems as well as motherboard problems.
  • PC Diagnostics -Deals with both hardware and software solutions for testing the hardware in your computer as well as the motherboard.
  • Ultra-X -Can help test computer hardware plus the motherboard.
  • Exchange the CPU and motherboard
  • If both of them have defects after trying the solutions above do exchange by purchasing a new one.

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