Performing screen shots in Win XP and Win 7

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Hi folks,

Windows XP is very useful for the feature which allows you to take a screen shot in. I can capture the image on my screen as I take a screen shot in Windows XP and save it for later. It can be saved for many reasons. Sometimes you need to save the image of the screen.

Then how I take a screen shot and save it? 


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Performing screen shots in Win XP and Win 7


Hello Miss08,

I agree that Windows XP is very useful and is actually one of the most user-friendly operating systems. The interface is very basic and easy to navigate.

To answer your question, there are two ways where you can capture screenshots:

Copying the image in Paint:

  • Look at the keys near the top of your keyboard. There is a key there that says "PRTSC" or "PRNTSRN." This is the PrintScreen button. Just press it to capture the image on your screen.
  • Open the Paint application. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories. You will see the application for Paint.
  • Click anywhere within the white area then presses the CTRL key on your keyboard, and the letter V at the same time. (CTRL V). This will paste the screenshot you captured. If it does not work, try capturing another screenshot by pressing these keys at the same time: CTRL + PRNTSCRN or Shift + PRNTSCRN.
  • You can edit the screenshot using the tools on Paint. To save, just click on File then Save As. For file type, you can either choose a JPEG image or a BMP image. JPEG is like a normal picture, BMP opens it through Paint and allows editing. Choose the folder where you want your file saved.

Downloading Software to take Screenshots:

Snagit allows you to choose which areas of the screen you want to capture. To access the Snagit tutorial,

You can visit this site Tutorial – Snagit.

I hope that these options will be very useful.

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Performing screen shots in Win XP and Win 7



To take a screenshot of your image click Alt + PrtSc on your keypad. Next open up MS Word or whatever word processing program you have, even MS Excel will work. Then click on the Ctrl + V to paste it in the window. From the program you can then click on File – Save As to save it wherever you want it to go.

To take a screenshot of the entire desktop click Ctrl + PrtSc and then paste the image into a word processing or spreadsheet program. Once you have the image then you can click File – Save As and save the image.

Hope this helps!

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Performing screen shots in Win XP and Win 7


The process is quite simple. XP is a really friendly graphical user interface. It allows to take screenshots of the screen and use it. Firstly, get on the screen you wanna take a picture of. On the top right of the keyboard you will see a button named "PrtSc". Press it. It will capture the current screen.

Now open up any photo editing software. You can use Photoshop, or any other. But if you don’t have any softwares like that then you can get the picture using "paint" (a pre install simple editing software). To go to paint follow this procedure. START -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint. Now click on the white page and type "Ctrl+V".

Then the picture should be pasted on the blank page. Or you can go to the task bar, select edit and then press paste. If the procedure doesn’t work then take another screenshot and perform the above described method again. 

Now once you have the picture posted on the blank page, select file and then "save as". Now on the popped up box select the destination and type of file. Better to choose JPEG or JPG. Press Save and there your done! Hope I was useful.

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