How to take possession of the quorum device?

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I would like to seek your assistance in giving me a solution to the problem we are experiencing. We are currently using two devices:

  • A quorum device (running ZFS)


  • A storage device using Sun Store Edge JBOD. We are using two configured E2900s for the failover cluster.

We noticed that the SCSI reservation is selecting the offline server instead of the server that is online. This was observed some time after rebooting the offline server due to the fact the quorum is lost, and then the online server panics. When this is happening, the offline server is rebooted because the online server panics.

Can you confirm if this is an error? Is there a way for the server that is online to take control of the quorum device once the resource group is online?

Thank you in advance.

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How to take possession of the quorum device?


Try following things.

  1. See if the SCSI has a defined access point to a certain server. In your case, that certain server will be that offline server that it’s pointing to.
  2. You have to remove that from the list and enable the auto detect mode or at least define the server that is online.
  3. If you can't get it then prioritize the things. You can define the priority that your server will first try to connect to 1 particular server and if its offline then it moves to another server. Do this and it will automatically switch to the available server that is online.
  4. Try to test the connection between the two servers that you use to configure two devices. See if there are any blocked ports that are being accessed to connect between servers and unblock them or at least change the port names.

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