How to sync my iPhone to another computer

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Hi mates,

Right now my iPhone is synched to my MacBook. I want to sync it with my desktop without losing my contacts.

Is this possible? My desktop has the same music files that I have on my MacBook. I want my iPhone to be synched to my MacBook, when I am away from home and just sync it to the desktop when I am home.

I got an iPhone 4 and my desktop is a HP Pavilion p6330f. My main concern is, to keep my contacts intact. Please let me know if you have great solutions for this.

Thanks a lot.


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How to sync my iPhone to another computer


You can of course sync your iPhone with the desktop. All you need is, iTunes application that can be downloaded free of charge and can run on operating systems, other than Macintosh.

With iTunes you can sync just about anything: music, pictures, videos, and even applications, without fear of losing your contacts.

You can also synchronize your contacts with iTunes. If you are still afraid of losing your contacts, you can store your contacts in Google contacts, using iTunes.  

It's easy. You only need to connect your iPhone with the desktop, open the iTunes application, on the Info tab, you just check the option "sync contacts with" and choose "Google contacts", and follow the next step until the synchronization is complete. Then you no need to worry about losing your contacts. 

Hope this helps you enough.

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How to sync my iPhone to another computer



Yes, it is possible to sync your IPhone with both your MacBook and desktop. Just follow these steps:

In your MacBook:

  1. Open with Notepad your "ITunes Music Library.xml".
  2. Search for "<key>Library Persistent ID</key>" in the opened file. Use Ctrl+F in searching.
  3. In the same line as "<key>Library Persistent ID</key>", you will find a code between <string> and </string>. Copy and take note of that code.

In your desktop:

  1. Create a back up for your "ITunes Music Library.xml" and "ITunes Music Library" (seen as iTunes Library.itl).
  2. Download a "Hex Editor" (Google it  and you will find a lot of results that are available for download).
  3. Do the same as what you did on your MacBook, and take note of the code found between <string> and </string>. After noting this, replace that code with the code you have copied from your MacBook.
  4. Using the downloaded "Hex Editor", open your "iTunes Music Library". Then click on "Edit" and click on "Replace".
  5. Enter the noted code from your desktop on the space beside "Find". Enter the code noted from your MacBook on the space beside "Replace with" and click "Replace". 
  6. Save and close this file.
  7. Run ITunes and connect your IPhone.

And that should do it. Hope this helps you.

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