How to Start and End Session

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Can anyone help me on how to start and end session using PHP? I really don’t have an idea on how to do it. Is there any function to do this? Please help.

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How to Start and End Session


Dear friend,

  • Session holds the session variable information and it is very easy to create session in PHP.
  • Before you create a session variable in PHP you need to start the session which is accomplished by below function.

    • Session_start();
    • You have to use this function before you create session variables.
    • Now you can create session variable and assign value to session variable as below.
    • $_SESSION[‘variable name’]=value;
    • You can retrieve and print session variable value as below.
    • $_echo “session variable value”.$_SESSION[‘variable name’];
    • Use can check variable value is set or not using isset as below.
    • If isset($_SESSION[‘variable name’]){}
    • If you want unset the session variable or free the session variable unset method is used as below.
    • Unset($_SESSION[‘variable name’]);
  • Example





$_SESSION['userid']=$_SESSION[' userid ']+1;


$_SESSION[' userid ']=1;

Echo "Views=". $_SESSION[' userid '];

//Unset session using

//Unset($_SESSION[' userid ']);


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