How to spy on sister on the computer

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My sister does not have his own computer and uses mine and I want to spy on sister on the computer. It doesn't sound ethical I know but the PC is mine and recently I had some credit card charges issues. Can she be possibly using my cc on the internet?

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How to spy on sister on the computer


Hello Conrad,

I can understand that to some people it may sound unethical if you want to spy on your sister's computer usage or activity.  I would prefer to use the term "monitor" then. However, security and confidentiality is also of great importance. 

There are software/programs that you can use to monitor your computer remotely. Remote monitoring can be a bit tedious and it would require you to install the software on your computer and to another computer that you would use for the remote access/monitoring.

Having said this, I would instead recommend that you create a User Account for your sister. This is a good way to protect your programs, data and other confidential information.

Since you haven't mentioned your current Operating System, I will provide you the steps for creating User Accounts for Windows XP and Windows 7 systems. 

Creating User Account (WinXP)

1. Click on the "Start" button then go to "Control Panel" and click on "User Accounts".

2. Look for "Create a new account" and click on it.

3. Assign a name for this User Account.

4. You may opt to use a password for this, but you have to provide this password to your sister so that she can login to her own User Account.

Creating User Account (WinVista/Win7)

1. Click on the Start button. This is the orb or the small round button with the Windows flag on it.

2. Go to "Control Panel "and look for "User Accounts and Family Safety". Click on "Add or remove user accounts".

3. You will see the Manage Accounts screen. Look for the option "Create a new account".

4. Assign a name for this User Account and enter it on the "New account name" field.

5. Select the radio button "Standard user". You may also opt to put a password for her and make sure she knows her Username and Password so she could access it on her own.

If you want to be more specific and want to put restrictions on the computer. You would also need to edit the settings for her User Account. In this way, her access to your computer files and programs will be limited.

Hope this helps!





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