How to solve ps2 port problem?

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Ps2 ports are not working on my motherboard. Some days ago when I turned on my PC, I saw the mouse and the keyboard was not working. I thought it may be a loosening problem of their cables.

Then I unplugged them, from the ps2 ports and reconnected them into their ports. But, I got no result. Then I tried another mouse into that port. But I didn’t get it repaired. Then I became sure of that my ps2 ports are damaged. I do not know how to repair them. So my keyboard and mouse became useless. Instead of using a ps2 keyboard and mouse, I could use USB keyboard and mouse. But my keyboard and mouse are so expensive and they are of my favorites.

So I don't want to let them be useless. Is there any sort of PCI PS2 card on the market so that I can use my favorite mouse and keyboards. I know if the USB ports do not work on a PC, one can attach a PCI USB card. But I don't have any idea about what to do when PS2 ports fail. Does anybody have any idea?

Please share with me.

Thank you all.

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How to solve ps2 port problem?



It does sound like your PS/2 Ports are damaged. I don't think they make PS/2 PCI cards anymore, but I have a much better and cheaper solution.

What you can do is simply buy a couple Ps2 to USB adapters. 

I've had a few of these myself and they work great. They plug into your USB slots and then you can easily plug your PS/2 hardware into these adapters and your hardware should work just like normal. More ideally, since you are dealing with 2 PS/2 pieces of hardware, it would be more USB efficient to just get a USB plug in adapter that holds 2 PS/2 spots (usually designed for mouse and keyboard).

Any of these selections should solve the problem you're having and you should have no need to go out and buy a new motherboard or a PCI card.

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How to solve ps2 port problem?


So here is the solution for your problem. You can use USB to PS2 converter and that will work fine for your keyboard and mouse.

Hope it will work fine, BUT in any case if you don’t want to buy it then you can simply check your ports for your hardware. Check the drivers of your hardware and update them on a regular base. It will make your hardware effective.

You can apply this solution for just a check that your software is working properly.

Go to your DEVICE MANAGE and then on mouse now right click on it and click UNINSTALL, after this reboot your system and you will be able to solve any software problem, although if it is a hardware problem check for wires or get a new one.

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