How to solve contact list problem of MSN?

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Hello Friends,

I am experiencing a new sort of problem with my MSN contact list. This is an unusual behavior. I have many groups of friends. Such as – gaming, family, school etc. But every time when I sign in all my contacts have been mixed into different groups. For example, I have 28 people in my family group. But, now there are only 4. I think many of people have faced this problem. I tried a lot, but I failed to solve that contact list problem. I tried basic Uninstall and Reinstall. But did not get any result. My operating system is windows vista and I use to use the latest version of msn.

If any of friends here has faced this problem and got solved, please help me?

Thank you all.


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How to solve contact list problem of MSN?


Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for your question. It seems that you’re having trouble with your msn messenger. The problem you’re facing it’s a common problem to most of the users of msn massager and sometimes this kind of problem occurs in msn messenger. I have also faced the same problem. I’m giving you some possible solution so that it can be helpful to you.

1. First of all I would suggest you to use the latest version of msn messenger. The problem your facing regarding contacts groups it’s because you enabled the option to “sort the contact by groups”. I would suggest you to disable this option and for that click the “Tools” menu > Sort Contacts By > choose >Online/Offline.

In this way the contacts will be sorted by Online or Offline mode. Now again go to “Tools” menu > Sort Contacts By > choose by groups to enable the grouping option. It may solve the problem you’re facing.

2. Sometimes it so happens that when we try to chat with a friend and we double click the id of the friend sometimes, we mistakenly drag the user to another group. By dragging and dropping an id back to its former group may solve the problem.

3. Sometimes it so happens that due to some server problem this kind of things occurs and after some time it gets all back to normal.

4. I would suggest you uninstall your previous version and download a new version and then “sign in” see it solves the problem

5. If you’re still facing the problem I would suggest you to delete the existing group and create a new one. See if you’re facing the same problem. This should solve the problem. For that

Go to Windows Live Groups > Create Group > Enter Group Name > Click create to get a new group. Now invite your friends to join the group. Or you can drag the existing contact to your new group.

6. I would suggest you to sort your group contact from your E-Mail. It can help you sort your contact according to groups.

For that go to Contacts > Manage categories > Now a new category option box will appear where you can make our own category or group and add members in that category. Like Family or Friends etc.

Hope you would find my solution effective.

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How to solve contact list problem of MSN?


Austain your brilliant in providing us this walkthrough in sorting and grouping contacts in MSN. I will definitely give this process a shot whenever MSN will messed up my contacts again. I agree, this error is common to MSN messenger users. The basic trouble shooting steps that you’ve done Benjamin like uninstalling and reinstalling MSN can sometimes or initially solve the problem but unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t do any help at all especially when you’re already using the latest version, not bad that you give it a try though.

What worked for me when I had my contacts disappearing in my list, while I have my MSN up with missing contacts I open windows task manager and end process for msn messenger and restart then my contact populates on my list without doing the long process of having it removed and downloaded again which eats up a lot of time. 

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