How to sniff information with vpn?

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Hello experts,

How to sniff information with VPN? Or get some information about VPN, what is this VPN all about and how it works in the world of technology nowadays. I love to explore more, can you give me some example of a VPN?

Thank you.

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How to sniff information with vpn?

Sniffing traffic before or after encryption wouldn't really sniff it it IMHO. If you have access to either the start or the end point you're not in between traffic anymore like as if you were sniffing regular unencrypted connections. 
Furthermore, VPN isn't just VPN, there are many types and flavors and configurations, things that come to mind are; Certificate Authorities (Root, Subordinate, offline, online, standalone, enterprise and 3 tier config's), Hardware or Software based VPN, IPSEC, Smart Card, EAP, PKI, L2TP, PPTP, and multiple other factors which will either make it possible or not for you to sniff/decrypt.
Packets that are exchanged over the VPN. 

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