How to SMS pics from Gmail

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I am using my Gmail account in Google Chrome.

I want to SMS my picture from Gmail account  but I don, t know the exact procedure to send Picture from Gmail please send me procedure  or any web from which I can help How to SMS picture from Gmail accounts.

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How to SMS pics from Gmail


Hi Watson James,

First you have to do is to enable the SMS on chat. To do this follow this easy step:

1. With your Gmail Click on Settings > Settings

2. Look for a tab LABS tab (just next after Web Clips)

3. Enable the SMS (text messaging) on chat. Enable also the Add any gadget URL.

4. Save Changes.

Go back to your Gmail page. Click on chat button which is located at the bottom left of the page.

1. Search the contact you want to send messages.

2. After searching, click on send SMS.

There you go you can now send SMS from Gmail to another phone.

For sending MMS try to check this URL:

Hope this information helps.

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How to SMS pics from Gmail


Hi Watson James,

I think this link is enough to you click this link and see how send SMS pictures from Gmail.If does not then read the following tricks:

1) First you have install WinRAR software then zip your pics and then attach pics in mail . Another think if it's does not work then read this :

2) Sending SMS from Gmail is an easy method:

i) Move the mouse indicator over a contact within the Chat window. Click on a lot of (with a tiny low blue downward arrow) and choose Send SMS choice. Currently enter the transportable range. The little chat window is open – you will find it at all-time low right during which you sort the SMS.

ii) SMS sent from Gmail chat can return from a 406 code (US) range. The recipient will use this range to send a reply that gets routed back to Gmail servers to hit your chat window.

iii) Recipients will value more highly to stop receiving Gmail SMS by replying with the word BLOCK. And if you opt to not receive messages through Gmail from any of your friends, you'll be able to reply with STOP.

I hope this is helpful for you.Thank you

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How to SMS pics from Gmail



Sending picture from Gmail account is possible and an easy procedure. In every email you compose, there is an area where is written attachments. Click on it, then choose the image you want to send from the window that pops up, give it a second to upload. When you finally send the email, the picture will get attached to your email and the recipient will receive it too. 

URL where you can find more info:

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