How to smoothen graphics on Ubuntu 10.10 ?

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I am using a Philips 192LE as my monitor. My graphics seems to be choppy when I change my workspaces, I have only 2. The system freezes for some time after I change my workspace. I have a VIA chipset on my motherboard.

Please help me with this.

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How to smoothen graphics on Ubuntu 10.10 ?


Hi, may be you have a low capacity in your RAM , therefore it won't support multiple tasks at the same time, so you need to use it wisely , try first to figure out what processes are running and which of them is using the memory the most, the command line for this is "top", yes simply "top" will give  you a complete, in verbose mode,  report of the active process in your system  . You will find the memory usage under the %MEM column. Then try to figure out what are these processes and if they are not critical ones you can kill then to free memory usage by echoing the following command:

$ kill -9 pid

pid is the process id that you can find also using the top command;

hope this helps


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