How is Samsung’s new perfume-packing cellphone?

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Samsung has brought a new thought in the world of cell phone.

It has invented a new kind of cell phone including perfumery facilities.

What kind of perfumery will be included in it?

Is it one time or rechargeable?

Please tell me about it elaborately.

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How is Samsung’s new perfume-packing cellphone?



Samsung created this chamber on a mobile phone that has some kind of perfume sponge. The smell will charge on its own each time you plugged your phone into an electricity outlet to remain the aromatic scent. This patent discovery from Samsung seems that they have thought about a mobile phone that can emit perfume.

The screenshot below is the Samsung Lavender Mobile which was introduced by a 16-year old boy. It has speakers on front and it has display that is showing how much battery you still have and how much perfume is left inside it.

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How is Samsung’s new perfume-packing cellphone?


Hello Greg,

As of now, the perfume emitting Samsung phone can just be on a wish list. The Samsung engineers have said there is a probability of coming up with a cover a mobile phone that has got some kind of redolence sponge. It will be a sharp point that will later make it possible to accept a possess assign whenever a phone is plugged into an electricity source hence making the phone say a savoury freshness.

How the smell will be given off is still a mystery. Speculations say that it might be through an ear piece, or maybe someone could just dab some of it on the neck using dire volume keys.



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