How should I change my router IP?

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I am using a dsl modem but since I have two PCs which I'd like to connect to the Internet simultaneously, I decided to buy a router so that these two can connect. But, I just can't get my router and modem to communicate to each other.

What I mean is, I can't connect to the Internet with my router despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with my Internet. I can prove this because when I connect my modem directly to the PC, my Internet is OK but when I connect through a router, my Internet is dead. I always reset my modem and also my router and yet I can't get the two to communicate to each other.

I called the manufacturer of the router and asked them to help me configure it. However, since they are in another location, they can't get to visit my place and do the configuration. I was told by the tech guy to just change my router IP to a certain number. Now, please can anyone help me how to change my router IP?

I just don't know how to do it because I didn't get a chance to discuss it with the tech guy over the phone. I just didn't get his instructions.

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How should I change my router IP?


Hello shax chris.

Is your DSL modem in bridge mode or router mode?  I am assuming you are in router mode because if your modem were in bridge mode, you would not be having so much of a problem.

There you have 1 solution already – change your modem to bridge mode.

The 2nd solution is if you don't want to change your modem to bridge mode.  Look up your modem's LAN IP address.  Usually this is something like  Access your router's configuration screen (usually by typing the LAN IP address in a web browser).  Chances are the LAN IP address of your router is also  Modem and router having the same IP address is usually the problem.  To remedy, change the router's IP address to Enable DHCP to minimize problems in assigning IP address to the machines connected to your router.

Read your modem and router's manual to find out the details on how to accomplish what I suggested.

Hope this helps!

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How should I change my router IP?


Just open your browser and type in in your address bar. Log in to your router config using default login details. From there you can change your local IP address.

Hope this helps.

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How should I change my router IP?


You will need to identify the modem's Internet protocol your ISP is using. Modem are router are communicating because it doesn't have IP address conflict.

If PPOE, set your modem into bridge modem. Log-in to your router and set the settings into PPPOE. Type the log-in credentials for username and password provided by your ISP.

If DHCP with or w/o MTA modem, contact your ISP provider and let them reset the modem for you. Log-in to your router internal settings and set it to DHCP/automatic configuration or Dynamic. Save the changes, and close the browser.

All steps are the solution to this. Internet light is not on because it doesn't communicate with your router. You may also consider that the modem might have a standby feature and this is probably the reason why it's off.

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