How to setup various POP e-mail accounts in MS outlook 2003?

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Hi Mates,

I am running MS office 2003 on my PC and am having an issue while using MS outlook 2003.

Actually, the problem is that I am trying to set up different POP email accounts through MS Outlook 2003, to enable myself to setup various folders for my personal e-mail account along with creating folders for my different e-mail accounts.

I do not know that whether MS outlook can do this or not?

To solve this problem/issue, I firstly setup the rules in outlook, to force it to deliver the files into appropriate inbox but I am still confused whether I have setup this properly or not because whenever, I write an e-mail I observed that they all are from my primary e-mail account, instead of each & every individual account.

After this, I tried helping section of outlook but there I was just able to read about setting-up MS server something etc. I also have tried almost all tutorials online and they show almost everything except the basic functions for the purpose of setting up business e-mails.

Whereas, I also have knowledge about various types of e-mail like POP, IMAP etc but I don’t know exactly that which one is the best one. I am almost ready to give up my effort of fixing this issue because I am so much tired of doing so and I have tried my level best but no gain.

So, I want to know from you How to setup various POP e-mail accounts in MS outlook 2003?

I am waiting.

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How to setup various POP e-mail accounts in MS outlook 2003?


Double check your email Pop server and SMTP server(this depends on what email account your using ex. time warner ISP uses [email protected])

If your using Windows Outlook 2003:
  • Open your Microsoft Outlook 2003.
  • Go to tools, email accounts, then choose Add a new email account.
  • Click next, Choose POP 3 for your server type then click next.
  • Fill out the necessary information
  • Double check your server information, both outgoing and incoming.
  • Click more settings then choose the advanced tab POP 3 should be port 110 and SMTP should be port 25.
  • Click ok then you will be back to email accounts.
  • Make sure there is no check mark on the box before Log on using secure password authentication(SPA).
  • Then click Test Account settings.
  • If there are no errors on the test results click close to go back to the Internet Email set up.
  • Click next, then finish.
To create a new email account just follow the steps again:
  • If an error occurs, the fastest way to resolve this is to delete your email account in outlook and recreating the account again.
  • Go to tools, email accounts, then click view or change existing email account.
  • Click remove on the right side to delete your account.
  • Then click add to recreate your email account .
Note: If you are using Yahoo. com or Gmail. com or any other email account make sure that before you delete your email account in Outlook your important emails still exist in your web account so you can import it back once you've recreated you account.
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How to setup various POP e-mail accounts in MS outlook 2003?


Setting multiple email accounts using MS Outlook may not be as simple as Outlook Express. Outlook Express enables users to create different Identities, so you can just create one identity for each email accounts and the emails will definitely be segregated. In MS Outlook 2003, there s no way to create an identity.

However, you can set up rules to manage the emails you are receiving from each account. Too complicated?

There’s an easy one! Creating Mailo profile is the most effective solution to creating multiple email accounts in MS Outlook 2003. First, I will be discussing Message Rules just so in case this will be needed in the future.

Setting up Rules in MS Outlook to segregate emails to different folders.

1. To make it simple, create different folders first.


Company 1 – this folder is for your first email account ([email protected])

Company 2 – your emails from your 2nd email account will be saved here ( [email protected])

Company 3 – emails from the 3rd account will be saved here ([email protected])

Note: Creating folders prior will lessen the confusion later on when you set up different rules.

1. In MS Outlook, click on the Tools menu and select Rules and Alerts

2. Select Actions: Move Mail to "Specific Folder"(Company 1)

3. Choose the appropriate condition: Through the specified account.
The complete Rule should look like this:
Through the [email protected] account.
Move it to Company 1.

4. Do the same thing to the other accounts you have and you are all set! Not really that complicated, right?


1. Since you will be creating different Profile with one email account setup on each, you need to delete the 2 existing email accounts in the current profile you have.

2. Click on the Start menu > Control Panel > Mail

Note: Make sure you are currently using the CLASSIC VIEW in Control panel or else you will have a hard time searching for the Mail icon. When you click on Mail, and a window should pop up.

1. Click on the Show Profiles button. Follow through the instructions to create a profile. Since you will be setting up an email account through the process, have you incoming and outgoing mail server and make sure you have the right settings from your mail provider.

2. Follow the same steps to setting up the rest of you accounts and create distinctive Profile name for each.

3. Once you have your three profiles (each with a different email address) click the radio button next to "Prompt for a Profile to be Used". Then click OK.

4. When you start Outlook, it should ask you which profile to use. Choose the appropriate one and you're all set.

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