How to set up pc to pc networking chat?

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Hello experts,

How to set up PC to PC networking chat?

Is there a built in application that will enable a PC to PC command chatting session even without internet connection?

I would like to ask about this for important reasons regarding networking like offices and other business related topic.

Thank you.


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How to set up pc to pc networking chat?


Hi Pamela Gonzalez,

There was a lot of PC Network chat on the internet that is available to download. I have seen a good site that is promoting this software.

Kindly Click the link below for more information about the software.

Vital sound: Complete Communication Solution

Hope that it would help you a lot.

Thanks and more power.

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How to set up pc to pc networking chat?


Yes PC to PC chat is possible even without the internet. But for this you may have to build up at least your networking within your computers because this is not possible without networking.

After networking please go to your C drive and then open program folder, in this folder you will see a folder with the name Net Meeting, please open this folder and configure it, after its configurations you will be able to communicate with your network users.

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How to set up pc to pc networking chat?



There is one way to do PC to PC Networking Chat. It is by using IP Messenger Or ip msg on LAN. Most offices use this tool to chat their employees in the office. And i am one of them.
To use IP Messenger First we have to Setup a LAN Connection. Now Local Area Network can be made between 2 or more PC. We can easily connect two PC by using LAN cable and setup Local Area Network. But if we want to setup LAN between more PC than we need Router. 
I am telling You how to setup a LAN between 2 PC.
Firstly connect the LAN cable between 2 PC’s.
Step 1. Go to Network and Sharing Center.

Controlpanel Network

Step 2. On Left side click on “Change adapter Setting”.

Step 3. Right Click on “Local Area Network” and click on Properties.

Controlpanel local area connection

Step 4. Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click Properties.

Controlpanel local area connection properties

Step 5. Click on “Use the following IP Address” and Enter Following IP Address in respective fields.

Controlpanel internet protocol

Step 6. Click Ok and again Ok.

Same steps repeat in another PC and enter the Following IP Addresses in respective Fields.
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Preferred DNS Server:
Now your LAN Connection setup perfectly.
Now Install IP Messenger on your both PC. Download it from
What it is an IP Messenger? IP Messenger is the tool which provides one of the greatest feature to chat with other persons on LAN or network. But the most important thing is that same software is installed on both systems which is a IPMsg.
We can also chat through command prompt. The command is:
ipmsg.exe [port] /MSG [/LOG][/SEAL] <hostname or IPaddr> <message> 
Ex: C:> ipmsg.exe /MSG /SEAL localhost Hello
It is an excellent software which we are using in office without any problem. It provides us an easy solution because it's fast and we don’t get any complaints from our mail servers too. So if you are looking for a chat software which works on a LAN, this could be your answer and it's free.
Here is some images of IP Messenger:
Send message Member IP messenger Settings Details & log settings Send message filter

Thank You.

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