How to set keyword battle of immortals game?

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My cousin has this website dedicated for fans of Battle of the Immortals. He asked me to set the keyword battle of immortals for Google searching. So how should I go about it? 

Thank you very much.

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How to set keyword battle of immortals game?



I believe what your trying to say is that you wish to access the website your cousin made for fans of Battle of Immortals. If this is the case. Go to your browser and in the address bar located at the top of your browser and type

The Google search website will be displayed and there you can enter the Battle of immortals text then click on search. A list of searches will be displayed and you can click on the link which you cousins website is Your Game.

I hope this helps

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How to set keyword battle of immortals game?


Normally, only webmasters or website owners are allowed to modify or make changes to the site unless the owner gave you access to the web server to do modifications. If you know how to access a web server and do modifications to the page, adding keywords is easy. It is only one meta tag that needs to be added on the main page or index file of the site.

To make it safe because a small error done on the site can cripple parts or the entire site, you should download the main index file of the website. Using the File Manager in the Control Panel of the web server, locate the “index.html,” “index.htm,” or “index.php” file located on the root of the site and download it.

Once you’ve downloaded it on your computer, open the file with any text editor application like Notepad++ or just the Windows Notepad. Next, add this meta tag anywhere within the head tag (<head>…</head>):

<meta name=”keywords” content=”battle of immortals”>

Add all the keywords you want in the “content” separated by comma like for example:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”battle of immortals, battle, immortals”>

When you are finished, save the file and upload it to the root of the site where the file is originally located and make sure the extension name is not changed to “txt”. It should be either “.html”, “.htm”, or “.php”. Just rename it if the extension name was changed.

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