How To Set Up Comcast Wi-Fi To Use The Internet.

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Wireless network to connect to router is the most efficient way of using internet. It has the feature to reduce cost. Mobile networks and other forms require investment for the usage. To use this wireless network, we need to set up a Wi-Fi connection. how to set up Comcast Wi-Fi?

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How To Set Up Comcast Wi-Fi To Use The Internet.



1) Go to start and click Connect to.

2) Click Wireless Network Connections.

3) Find Xfinity wifi from the list and then click on Connect.

4) Again click on Connect, if it says you are connection to an unsecured network.

5) A Window will appear, informing you that you are connected to the WIFI.

6) Then sign in to your Xfinity wifi account.


1) Click on Wi-Fi icon. A list will appear displaying all the networks available.

2) Search for Xfinity wifi and click on it. Click on Connect.

3) Select the location for Xfinity wifi network.

4) You will be redirected to the sign up page. Sign in with your Xfinity wifi account.

Now you can use your Wi-Fi network and use your browser.

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