How To Set Up Century Link Modem To Go Online.

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You have received your century link modem and now you have to connect it, to use your internet. You need cables for the connections. How to set up century link modem to use Internet on your PC?

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How To Set Up Century Link Modem To Go Online.



1) Find a proper place for your modem’s location such that it does not get heated up, has a high range coverage and good performance.

2) Connect the power cord of modem and plug it in a plugin.

3) Once the modem is ON, now it’s the turn to connect cables and cords.

4) Plug one end of the green phone cord phone jack of your wall and other into the green port i.e. DSL plug present at the back of modem.

5) The Ethernet cable id use to link the modem and PC.

6) One end is connected to Ethernet port of PC and other to the modem.

7) Go to your desktop, open a browser.

8) You will be redirected to a welcome page with a logo of century link.

9) If you do not see it, go to

10) Complete the activation process by following the instructions properly. Once you have finished the process, you can use the Internet on you PC.

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