How serious is the threat from an APT?

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How could and  advanced persistent threat affect my network? What is the techniques used in these type of attacks? What does persistent imply here? Does this activity arise from human involvement or is it software at work here? How can I identify if my network is under attack and what can I do to stem such an attack?

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How serious is the threat from an APT?

An Advanced persistent threat(ATP) is an attack in which criminal
elements gain access to the network and remain undetected over a 
long period of time.The ATPs are not meant to cause damage to a 
network but only to steal the data from the network.
In ATPs attackers use spear fishing tools to hack the network.As soon 
as he/she gains the control backdoor is created.
The sole attack through ATP is done manually and no software is used
to accomplish the task.
Though it's highly difficult to identify the attacks, the one way to
catch them is to detect the
anamolies of outbound data.

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