How to send serial com in dos?

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I want to know some kind of way to send serial com in dos, so does anyone know how that communication actually works? If someone has some tutorial, please tell me, I am trying this for a long time.

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How to send serial com in dos?



Including Borland header file bios.h, and use the command _bios_serialcom bioscom for serial communication.The issue is that, it requires flow control. The best solution is, pull the pins 6 and 8 (on a 9 pin connector) high, and connect these pins to the positive lead on 9 volt battery. Pin 5 which is signal ground, should be connected to the negative terminal. Pin 3 is used for outgoing signals.

An external modem was used to figure this out. The pins were disconnected on at a time, until it stopped working to figure out the vital pins. It works, please check it now.


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