How to scan smb setup samsung?

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Hello experts,

How to scan smb setup Samsung? I would like to know all the server message block in a network, I got 30 computers that I handle for some internet connection networking. I am just thinking if smb setup can also be applied with mobile phones like Samsung. I hope you can give me some information, thank you.

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How to scan smb setup samsung?



Smb setup Samsung needs sharing settings with name of scanned documents and it needs permission of user account for which you want to scan so username password, hostname and scan file details go to folder right click then choose share and security option then select radio button share files give name press apply and give input path of file.

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How to scan smb setup samsung?

Server Message Box (SMB) is a known protocol for providing shared files, printers, serial port etc., and allows the user to access through a network. Mobile phones like Samsung can provide network scanning functionality using this type of protocol. If it is configured properly, it can be the most user-friendly method used for network scanning. It can be done by:
1. Entering the domain that is used for SMB login.
2. Selecting proper IP Address or Host Name.
3. Once, you have selected an IP Address; enter the said address in dotted decimal notation or as a host name.
4. Next, enter the server port number from 1 to 65535. The default number is 139.
5. You can also add a back-up domain as a previous step.
6. Then, Click Apply.
Note that user can add up to 6 alternate domains.

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