How to run a socket 478 processor into socket 462

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hello guys do you have any idea on how to run a socket 478 processor into a socket 462? i need answers asap because where gonna try a hardware mod here in our schoole and how can i attach an extra socket 478 processor in an intel board

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How to run a socket 478 processor into socket 462


I'm afraid you can't run a socket 478 processor on a Socket 462 motherboard.  Socket 478 is a contact pin configuration used by Intel in its Pentium 4 and Celeron line of processors while Socket 462 is used by AMD on their Athlon XP and Sempron line of processors.  Socket 478 has 478 contact pins while Socket 462 has 462 contact pins (hence the names).

As you can see, the two are totally incompatible pin wise.

As for your other question, there's no way to attach an extra Socket 478 chip to an Intel board if the board is not a dual-CPU board. A dual-CPU board is a motherboard that supports two processors.  It is usually used on servers with high processing demands.

I hope this clears things up for you.


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