How to retrieve outlook express data?

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How to retrieve outlook express emails, email account and address book when window not start normal and safe mode and after resolving the operating system issue how to import same emails, account and address book in outlook express? Can I change the email data path to another drive?

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How to retrieve outlook express data?


All information on your Outlook Express, such as email messages, contact list, documents and other data is saved into your computer hard drive.

If this computer hardware is no longer functioning, definitely you'll lost all data saved on it. All messages, contact list, documents can't be retrieve if the hardware is damaged. The same applies to all data file saved such as pictures, videos and other important data you have saved into your computer.

As we all know, hard drive can't be fix if this is damaged. And all data will be wipe out and of course, no longer accessible once replaced.

The work around of this issue is to synchronized Outlook Express and webmail. Save a copy of messages from Outlook Express and webmail whenever you receive a message from someone else.

  • Open your Outlook Express,
  • Go to Tools, Accounts,
  • Highlight your profile name, then click Properties,
  • Go to Advanced tab then look for Delivery,
  • Underneath Delivery, put a check on the box says Leave a copy of messages on server.

Once this feature is enabled, then you should be able to keep a copy of message on webmail.

synchronized Outlook Express and webmail
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How to retrieve outlook express data?


Hi Amri,

To retrieve emails from outlook, first of all you have to have connected your outlook account with your email account which could be either Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo or any other. This is done when setting up your outlook account under the POP3 settings.

Once that is done you simply go to the inbox in outlook and retrieve the messages, a process that will require internet connection. The messages will be downloaded from your email account to your outlook account. You can thereafter read the messages without possibly the need to connect to the internet at any time.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung

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