How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error?

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Hi Guys, 

I just recently reformatted my PC and tried to install the divx plus software i downloaded but this is all I keep getting every time i ran the setup. I tried to download the offline installer that says on the box but still it didn't give me luck. 

I rebooted my PC once but I encounter the same issue all over again. Nothing resolved as same message showed up:

DivX Plus Setup


For windows

A critical error has occurred, setup will now terminate.

Please download the offline installer here to try again.

A critical error has occurred, setup will now terminate.


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How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error?



I think you are trying to install only download online version and your computer is not connected online. That’s why this message you are getting when you are trying to install. Now a day you will get only an online version.

But some other places you can get an offline version also.

Please go through below link and download offline version and install it without internet connection.

Otherwise please add internet connection with your computer and install it from the online version.

Hope you can do it now.

If this post helps you to resolve your issue.

Then please reply here with thanks.

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How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error?


I have many solutions for you and you need to choose one of these solutions

First : You may download All in one Fix to Solve the Divx Problems and I think it may be helpful for you and you can download it from this link download the All In One Fix

Second : you may need to uninstall the previous (old) version and also delete all files related to these previous version and install and download the new version that you will find at that link

Hope these Solutions help you.

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How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error?


I guess the problem is not with the installer but with your internet connection. Looking at the screenshot and seeing the message “Please download the offline installer here to try again” at the bottom, it seems you are using the web installer from the DivX website. This is a common problem when installing using a web installer.

And the most common cause of the error is your internet connection. If you have a poor connection, don’t use a web installer because you will really have a hard time installing a program. When a web installer is used, the actual installation doesn’t start right away. The program will first download all the files needed for the installation and once this is complete, this is the only time that the actual installation takes place.

The problem usually happens during the download. If the program detects a problem in the connection or the download takes very long to complete, it will abort the download cancelling all the operation. In this case, you have to start all over again. Since you have a problem with web installer, download the offline installer instead.

Since you are installing DivX Plus for Windows, why not install the latest version. Download DivX Play 10.2.3. This is the offline installer. This time you will not have problems installing the software. Just make sure the download completes and then run the installer.

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How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error?



Alongside these solutions my recommendation is pay a visit this Techyv post "How to resolve DivX Plus Setup critical error when installing?" because this post also addressed this issue. 

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