How to reset an ipad to factory settings?

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I have an iPad that my elder brother send to me and for sometime now i have doing things on the iPad that i can even remember(in short in don’t even know). Now i am stocked in a point where i think my iPad can be destroyed or the iPad doesn’t look good to me. The big question i have now is; I need to know how to reset an iPad to factory settings so that i am able to have the iPad the way it was sent to me before use so that i can start learning how to use it step by step.

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How to reset an ipad to factory settings?

IPad and other devices generally have a setting that it comes with from the manufacturer. This setting is called the default setting or the factory setting. It is fairly simple to bring your IPad back to factory setting. I will list the step below:
– Step 1: Navigate the iPad and look for General settings(Settings).
– Step 2: Click(Tap) on it and it will display a list of other options.
– Step 3: Scroll down to the last option which is Reset(Restore Factory Setting)
– Step 4: Click on it and if there is a password for your tablet, you will be prompted to input it.
– Step 5: After inputting the password, confirm by taping OK. Note that Resetting will erase everything you have done and take you back to the initial state which the iPad had from its manufacturer.
– Step 6: Done!!!!! Enjoy yourself and never dare to do something you don't know on an electronic.
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How to reset an ipad to factory settings?


When you reset an iPad, you are restoring its settings back to factory defaults. In Android, when you factory reset a device, it will restore the device to its default factory settings or the original settings that came with the device when you first bought it.

In iOS, factory reset works a little different because instead of restoring the original firmware or operating system and settings that was built-in to the device, it will install the latest operating system or iOS after erasing all the information and settings. To factory reset your iPad, first, download the latest iTunes and upgrade your existing version.

Once you have the latest iTunes installed, backup your device to iCloud. To do this, on your iPad, go to “Settings”, select your name, “iCloud” then “iCloud Backup” and then make sure iCloud Backup is turned on or enabled. Next, tap “Back Up Now” then wait until the process is complete. When it is finished, go to “Settings”, select your name, “iCloud” then turn off “Find My iPhone”.

After this, on your computer, start iTunes then connect your iPad to your computer using the USB cable. Select your iPad when it appears in iTunes. On the left pane under “Settings”, select “Summary” then click “Restore iPad” on the right. Click “Restore” to confirm. After this, iTunes will erase your device and install the latest iOS. Your iPad should restart automatically once it is complete.

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