How to replace those icons with a broken sword folder icons?

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Hello experts,

How to replace those icons with a broken sword folder icon? I don’t know how to operate or change a default icon of a specific folder. I would like to perform some changes in my laptop so that it would be easy for me to identify the folder content.

Thank you.

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How to replace those icons with a broken sword folder icons?


Hi there Jean I would like to share you the procedure on how to change folder icons:

1. Locate the folder you want to change the icon.

2. Right Click the folder.


3. Click on Properties.

New folder properties

4. Click Customize and browse by choosing the icon you want and Click OK.

Change Icon

But as I read your question you want it to be a broken sword icon. I just know of one method you can make an image into an icon so what I did for you was I looked for a broken sword image on Google, downloaded it and edit it on the paint and make it 32×32 pixels.

Making it into 32x32pixel.

1. Resize the image if it is too large. 

Input 80 on the horizontal and 80 on vertical repeat the process until it will reach the 32×32 pixels.

Resize and Shew

2. Check the image pixel every time you input 80-80 method on image Properties.

When the pixels nearly reach 32×32 you can already input and replace it by 32×32 like the image shows below  36×39 so you can replace it already by 32×32.

Image properties

Lastly when saving the image, Save it as 24-bit bitmap and give the file name with .ico extension.

Like the example below the sword.ico.

Save as

We made the Broken Sword Icon now go Back to Changing Icon Procedure as shown above and browse and locate the broken sword icon.

I hope this helps! Here is my finished product of Broken sword icon hope you like it.

Folders options

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