How to replace a computer power supply?

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How to replace a computer power supply?

A friend asked me if I know how to replace a power supply to his computer because when he opened his computer he noticed that the fan to the power supply doesn't moved. He already checked the other parts of his computer such as video card, RAM and others but its all okay.

The one thing that my friend wondered and so curious about is why the fan of power supply didn't move. I don't have a knowledge in replacing a computer supply. Is there someone knows the step by step of replacing a computer power supply? 


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How to replace a computer power supply?


Replacing the power supply is pretty basic and similar in all models. The most important factor is making sure that the model you buy to replace the defective unit is the same or higher in wattage as the old one. Using one that is isn't can lead to problems due to an insufficient wattage.

Contacting the manufacturer or taking the component with you to purchase the new part is going to be the best way to ensure that you have the correct part number. Once you have made the purchase the only thing you will need is some space to work in. This area needs to be free of static electricity once you are ready to begin.

To replace the power supply, complete the following steps.

1. Test the power supply with a power tester, in this case since the fan no longer turns it is probably safe to say that the power supply is failing.

2. Remove the power plug and all peripherals like the keyboard, mouse, etc. from the machine.

3. If you don't have an anti-static wrist strap available, touch you bare hand to a metal surface. This will discharge any static electricity and ensure there is no damage to the machine.

4. Remove the case, place the screws somewhere that they can be found again easily.

5. Remove the 20 or 24-pin connector from the motherboard, disengage the plastic clasp and rock the connector back and forth gently to loosen it. Remove any remaining connectors to the hard drive, cd-rom, etc.

6. There should be several screws on the back of the computer holding the power supply in place, remove then and lift the power supply out of the case.

7. Install the new power supply and insert the screws to hold it securely in place.

8. Re-connect the connectors to the motherboard, hard drive, and cd-rom. Any components that were removed in the step above.

9. Replace the case cover and screws.

10. Re-attach all peripherals and plug the machine in.

11. Verify that all components are working correctly.

The most important thing is to remember that the width of the new power supply should match the old unit perfectly. If the new unit has a larger, bottom mounted fan you may find the new unit is a little longer. This will not affect anything. Also verify
that no cables or connectors are stuck in the fan or have come into contact with other moving parts.

This can damage the processor quickly. I recommend restraining any unused cables with cable ties. Blow out any remaining dust and dirt particles that you may have come across gently.

The post did not have any specs for the machine listed but the process is pretty much the same no matter what model you are working with. If you have any problems, please post the specs for this machine and I will be happy to provide you with some additional information regarding the correct part numbers.

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How to replace a computer power supply?



For replacing power supply of your computer you have to follow following steps
Switch off your computer, unplug all the wires in it, and keep out your computer’s covers.
You must check for new power supply’s you have to mark on all the components attachment as which port attach with which type of cable plug
Remove all the electric cables from the motherboard of your computer.
Keep out the electric from the hard disk drives and the compact disk or other places in your motherboard.
Keep out all screws that joint the power supply of your computer’s case.
Keep out electric supply of computer power supply.
Consider new power supply for your computer.
You must check for that voltage of your computer which is very important you have to check power is running in all computers components.
Connect the new components of power supply and connect with all components of your pc.
Provide your computer with electricity.
Start the electric supply to give your computer with power.
You must check for the power reach to the all computer components.
Pack your computer with its cover and check that its completely run nice
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How to replace a computer power supply?


Follow the steps:

  1. Open the casing (Right hand side case)
  2. You have to disconnect all of connectivity (Power plug in, floppy disk drive plug in, cd/dvd drive plug in etc) of power supply from different device and Motherboard.
  3. Remove the all screw of power supply.
  4. Slide your power supply to the front side.
  5. Place your new power supply box inside of the computer.
  6. Tide the power supply box with screw.
  7. Plug in the all connectivity (power plug in, ATX12v, floppy disk drive, cd/dvd room, power connector on the motherboard etc).
  8. Your power supply completely installed.

Please visit for more help: How to replace or install a power supply in your computer?

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How to replace a computer power supply?



You can do it yourself by following the steps below. You need a screw driver for this.

1. Unplug the system and unplug the power cord from the CPU.

2. Remove the casing of the CPU.

3. Now make sure to unpin all the wires from the power supply to the system.

4. Now replace the power supply & reassemble what you did above.

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