How to replace the battery pack of a laptop?

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How to replace the battery pack of a laptop?

My dad gave me his old HP laptop nothing was wrong except that is always lowbat and the charger was a bit loose. Now after a couple weeks the charger completely broke.

When my dad gave me his laptop he got a new (a HP) and I am trying to use his charger but its not working. The funny thing was that it worked a few days and after I used it the laptop didn't worked anymore.

After that I didn't used and opened it for a month now. What is the problem of my laptop?

Is it the battery pack? How will replace the battery pack of my laptop?                                        

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How to replace the battery pack of a laptop?


It looks like your battery pack has completely broken. Now first you need to find where your battery is located and how you can remove it, you can simply consult your laptop's manual with this.

1. To make sure your battery isn't broken, try putting your battery to another laptop compatible with it and see if it's working properly. If it's not working, you probably need to replace your battery now with a new one.
2. Now first find out what battery pack is compatible with your laptop, or in simpler terms, what would fit on your laptop. You can just go to the store and take your broken battery pack with you and ask for the same, new one.
3. Now all you have to do is buy a new one and put it on your laptop.

Now if the battery isn't broken, there must be something wrong with your laptop.

You probably need to take it for service repair with HP and ascertain there what the problem is.

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How to replace the battery pack of a laptop?


Dear Fatima,

If the charge of your laptop or power supply is damaged then you can replace it with another one and it will work fine you can find it on internet easily and then can order one for your self. Also you can change the battery of your laptop it is also very easy. You can go to your next door computer shop and from there you can ask for a new charger for your laptop. Go step by step through all the process to solve you problem as i have described here.
    Check for all power cables of your laptop.
    check for power supply of your laptop.
    Look for any hardware problem in your laptop.
    You can unplug the battery very easily to see if it is effected or not.
    If the battery is effected then replace it by a new one.
    If the laptops lights turn on when you power on then there may be some other problem in your laptop rather then battery.
    If the battery is not charge able then you can replace it with a new one.

After checking them all you will be able to solve your problem.

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