How to repair computer power supply?

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        I have IBM PC and I am become the victim of damaged power supply. The issue I have with my PC’s power supply is that my power supply is not working. Whereas, when I had turned off my PC last time there was no problem but when I came back I came to know that my PC is not working at all.

To solve this issue I first of all took off the side panel of my PC to see if my motherboard was getting power or not, My PC’s fans are not working and there is no sound. Then I took off the power cable and putted it again but only the green light on motherboard got on.

 Another part of the issue is that I heard some spark/static discharge something, during the un-plug and re-plug action. After that I smelled and felt an odor like burning of a commodity. In the end I bought a new Power Supply and to solve the issue and installed it properly but it’s not working too. I've already tried almost everything which I can but still it does not work. I am so much tired due to this problem.

I want to know that How I can repair computer power supply?I need someone desperately to give me advice/suggestion to solve this issue.

I am waiting.

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How to repair computer power supply?


Hi Sheikkuuu,

I want to tell if your PC is experienced by a short-circuiting then might be more than one of your PC's component got damaged. Then the nice option is to visit the Service Center. But if not i have a solution, though it is not recommended :

For those which experience high voltages, you can solve the problem by one of the two simple operations : As i have seen in so many cases the internal fuse blown, just replaced it with new one and it blows again. Secondly, if only the problem is that your  fan is failed you can simply replace the internal fan and configure it.


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How to repair computer power supply?


Please check the UPS and connecting wires (if wires have burned in inside, these kinds of situations could occur). And check the power connector port on the motherboard.

Due to dust and the humidity, the motherboard can be got short circuit. So clean your motherboard. If any part of the motherboard is not got any damage by short circuit it may works.

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